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Course Feedback

Course Feedback

Below is just a small selection of the positive feedback we have received.

Mike Boyle, EP Metals
Even with many years experience in the casting and forging industry I found the course very useful as a refresher course.

It is amazing what one forgets over time and I would certainly recommend the course to beginners and experienced alike, well worth the time.

Jez Finnemore, Senior Metallurgist, Cameron(UK) Ltd, Leeds
Lloyd-Thomas consultancy have provided both in-house and off-site training in Oil Tool Metallurgy and Oil and gas industry standards to many of Cameron’s employees, who’s work requires an understanding in these areas.

Design Engineers, QA Engineers, Procurement Specialists and Project Planners have all found value in attending these well constructed and well organised events.

Simon Luffrum, Technical Manager, Subsea Riser Products Ltd, Woking
The feedback from attendees has consistently praised the quality of the courses, usefulness of the course notes provided and the direct applicability to our daily work.

The courses provide a good balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application, covering fundamental subjects that are otherwise not well catered for. The courses are highly recommended.

Will Gold, Finance Director, Premier-Hytemp Ltd, Edinburgh
I attended the Lloyd-Thomas course on an Introduction to Oilfield Metallurgy.

As a finance director I wanted a concise one day course that gave me a basic grounding in a wide range of the key areas. The course was pitched very well and catered for people like me with very limited knowledge of the content and also those that had more experience in specific areas.

The course was well presented in a light hearted and informative tone. There is no doubt that Clayton knows his stuff on the technical side and he presents the material in a clear and easy to understand manner.

I left the day with a much better understanding of the subject matter, an excellent set of course notes with some further reading and have already made contact with Clayton since the course to provide company specific training to a wider Premier Hytemp audience.

Glenn Middleton, Quality Manager, Cameron(UK) Ltd, Leeds
We have used the Lloyd Thomas training ‘An Introduction to Oilfield Metallurgy’ for a number of years finding the course ideally suited to newcomers into the industry who need knowledge of material and material processing techniques.

The feedback from candidates is always positive and in my experience there is no other short course available that can provide such well targeted industry relevant training. Highly recommended.

Yann Helle, Senior Design Engineer, 2H Offshore Engineering Ltd, Woking
Over the years, I went to three of Lloyd-Thomas Consultancy’s training classes: material selection, welding and corrosion classes.

The training courses offered me a great overview of the issues we are likely to face when designing structures for the offshore oil and gas industry. The examples discussed in class are real issues that happened, and allow us to appreciate the complexity of material or welding selection.

As a lead package engineer in my company, the aim was not to turn me into material or welding specialist but to provide me with the essential tools required when working in a multidisciplinary engineering team.

The extent of the knowledge transmitted becomes obvious when you are in a meeting, and you know what are the correct questions to ask, know which code to refer to, discuss, contribute and ultimately design components following both, best design practice and experience feedback.

Ben Thompson, EP Metals
Being quite new to the oil and gas industry I found the course very informative and easy to understand.

As I’m a complete novice, Clayton really explained the working conditions that the metals have to perform under and how careful material selection can make all the difference between producing a sound working part and a useless piece of scrap.

I would recommend this course to most people within the industry who are seeking to learn a few basics about oil field materials including material suppliers as well as finish machine shop engineers.