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Understanding and Reviewing Material Certifiicates (1/2 day course) and A Guide to Writing Material Specifications (1 day course) are two new courses aimed to help companies procure and use materials. The cost of the Material Certificates course is only 149 GBP per attendee and for the Specification course only 275 GBP. Further discounts are available for multiple bookings on both or either course

Material certificates are an important part of the quality process and allows companies to ensure that the materials they use meet their requirements. But sometimes they can be difficult to understand and the information they contain difficult to interpret and relate to company requirements. This course will explain what to look for and its effect on material properties. The significance of factors such as heat treatment, mechanical testing and composition. Whether deviations and non conformances are significant and how to determine their effect on processes such as weldiing and heat treatment. Examples of certificates will be reviewed and real common non conformances and deviations will be used.

Over the past 30 years we have written hundreds of material specifications for large and small companies and this course will help companies to write their own specifications. It’ll look at whether companies need specifications or whether they can use standard materials. It’ll consider the cost and procurement effects of specifications and the information that needs to be included. It’ll cover how specifications can improve quality without significantly affect cost and delivery times. It’ll consider what needs to be included and what can be left out. Real examples will be included and practice given to writing specifications.

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